ABA GROUP safe package Nail File 150/180gr


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The unique shape – a dolphin – provides a new quality of work with the nail, which is possible thanks to the narrow “mouth”. The tip allows you to reach hard-to-reach places, which is extremely important to matt the plate well.

The disposable file is in a Safe Package, i.e. packed in a sealed foil. By purchasing products in this version, you can be sure that the file has not been used. This is a very hygienic solution that emphasizes the care of the salon or stylist for the safety and quality of the service.

The file gradation value informs how many abrasive grains there are on 1 cm2 of its surface. The fine-grained side (180 grains per 1 cm2) is recommended for modelling and matting of the nail plate, while the medium-grained (150 grains per 1 cm2) is used to shape the artificial, gel and acrylic nails.

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