CALLUX Dry Pedicure Set


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Callux Dry Pedicure Set – An express pedicure treatment kit for dry pedicures. The hero of this set is the Callux Softener Foam – This product in the form of a foam, is very convenient to use. Softens calluses and cuticles on your hands and feet. The product perfectly prepares the skin for a professional manicure and pedicure. After using the preparation, the skin remains smooth and pleasant to the touch. The product is safe for diabetics and was created with this group of customers in mind. The foam formula allows for easy application. No prior foot soaking is required. This is the perfect “try me” kit to get you started with express dry pedicures in-salon.


Callux Softener Foam 30% contains:

  • Urea which has great exfoliating and hydrating properties. and it reduces the risk of the skin cracking and getting infected.
  • Sodium lactate which increases the moisture content of the skin by up to 84%.
  • Allantoin has exfoliating and healing properties, preventing transdermal water loss, thus keeping the skin moisturised and soft.
  • Betaine helps the skin to retain moisture and reduces sensitivity to external irritant.


Kit Contains:

  • Callux Softener 30% Foam 150ml
  • Callux Cream 100ml
  • Callux Foot File (to be used with disposable adhesive abrasives)
  • Callux disposable abrasive 80grit x5
  • Callux disposable abrasive 150grit x5


The Callux express dry pedicure foot treatment is a simple 4 step treatment:

Step 1: Spray the feet with Callux Antibacterial Spray. Let dry (sold separately)

Step 2: Apply the foam to areas of concern- soles of the feel and any calluses/corns. A little goes a long way, 2-3 pumps. Let it work for 3-5 min. Remove excess foam with paper towel.

Step 3: File the feet using your Callux Foot File and the required disposable abrasive grit/s

Step 4: Apply the Callux Cream and massage it into the skin.

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