CALLUX Green Tea Cream 100ml


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Callux Smoothing and Moisturizing Cream – Green Tea Series – 100ml

 This product is certified vegan. A cream is rich in active ingredients and vitamins that take care of all the most important needs of the skin. A selected blend of ingredients intensively nurtures, softens, soothes and regenerates the skin restoring its softness and smoothness. Regular use visibly improves elasticity and helps regain a young look. The Synergistic effect of the active ingredients gives the skin an increased level of flexibility, moisture, and nourishment and restores the skin texture.



  • Provide optimal level of hydration.
  • Extend the effect of the professional pedicure.
  • When used daily has a softening effect on callouses.
  • Can be used for hands too to restore softness and suppleness.
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