F.O.X Carbon Gel 15ml


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F.O.X Carbon Gel is a gel with ultra-strong fiber gel created for repairing the cracks and damages on the nail plate, was developed in collaboration with Masha Create.

The material contains natural silk fibers that create a reinforcing mesh during polymerization, that connects the spaces between the cracks into a single, integral surface. With this material, it is much easier to repair damage the nail plate and grow the corner of the nail. Leaves a sticky layer.


1. Apply Nail Prep from F.O.X to the damaged surface of the nail.

2. Apply F.O.X Ultra Bond, an acid-free primer for extra adhesion.

3. Apply a thin priming layer of the base from F.O.X with rubbing movements. Cure in the LED/UV lamp 36/48W for 60 seconds.

4. Apply Carbon Gel to the crack area and evenly distribute the fibers without creating excess volume. Cure in a LED/UV lamp 36/48W — 60 seconds.

5. Apply a dense F.O.X base to the entire nail plate, place a drop at the apex point and level, covering the repair area. We polymerize in a LED/UV lamp 36/48W — 60 seconds.

6. If necessary, perform nail plate grinding. The nail is ready to be covered with gel polish.

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