Claresa SHAKE 1


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Claresa color palette will surprise you positively! Claresa base colors has over 16 collections and over 250 colors!

The medium-dense consistency of nail polishes and high-quality brushes allow you to achieve the perfect effect on nails without soiled cuticles.
Thanks to the high pigmentation of nail polishes, only 1-2 layers separate you from the perfectly made manicure!

• Seamless application, without soiled cuticles
• Intensive gloss. Try Roja No Wipe Top Coat “GLOW” 
• Ideal, medium density
• durability up to 3 weeks


Cure time:

UV/LED lamp 48 W – 30 sec.
UV/LED lamp 60 W – 15 sec.
UV lamp 36 W – 120 sec.


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