Claresa SOFT&EASY Builder Gel MILKY PINK 90gr.


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MILKY PINK – delicate, whitened pink, perfect on its own as a full manicure and as a base for a French manicure or baby boomer, it covers up to 90%!

Gel polish is not enough in your case? Do you need a super-durable, effective styling to  be done quickly? Are you looking for a way to  easily  harden the natural nail plate or extend your nails?

Our new  SOFT&EASY BUILDER GEL  is a product for you!

The innovative gel formula with a unique structure and density makes it  perfectly level , which forgives the mistakes of even a not very experienced user,  fast  work is also facilitated by thixotropia (liquid memory) that prevents dripping onto the cuticles. Styling with  SOFT&EASY does not require filing or Top  – just wipe the dispersion layer with Cleaner and intensely shiny nails are ready!

The modern formula of the gel with excellent adhesion* allows you to align, harden and extend the plate even with a thin layer, guaranteeing styling  a look similar to the natural nail plate with  durability of at least 4 weeks (!). It also prevents the nails from breaking and crumbling, thanks to which they  can grow much longer . The special Heatless formula, thanks to the low polymerization temperature,  minimizes burning in the lamp .

Main features:

  • Self-levelling, with thixotropy (liquid memory) – EASY!
  • Multifunctional  – FAST!*
  • With excellent grip* and high durability – FOR LONG!
  • With an intense gloss – BEAUTIFUL!
  • With the Heatless formula – UFF, DOES NOT BURN IN THE LAMP!
  • Application: supplementing and hardening the natural nail plate and extending nails – BINGO!