CLAVIER Electric Drill 65W FX720 WHITE


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CLAVIER Electric Drill 65W WHITE

Clavier electric drill is a professional cosmetic device, which is designed to speed up the work of nail stylist.

  • High-quality handle with Twist-Lock head
  • Speed rotation regulated by knob or pedal
  • Efficient and quiet operation without vibration
  • A simple nail drill bits system exchange
  • Power: 65W / 30 000 RPM
  • Rotation switch (left L/right R)
  • For manicure and pedicure
  • Light and solid handle

CLEAR DISPLAY  – a perfectly visible display allows you to precisely set the speed, which greatly facilitates work. We have an up-to-date preview of the speed at which we are currently working . The milling machine is characterized by quiet and smooth operation.


❗ There should always be a cutter or replacement bit in the handle . If you leave the handle without a cutter, you must use force to release the lock to the R position or the open padlock icon. The first release of  the handle lock may require force, after some time the handle will work easier.

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