Clavier UV/LED GEL LAMP 168W Q3


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The most powerful, latest generation, professional UV/LED lamp with an effective power of 168W for fast curing of all gels, hybrid varnishes and other light-curing preparations.

The lamp has 42 diodes emitting UV LED light. These diodes are very evenly distributed over the surface of the entire lamp, so there is no such thing as underexposure and incorrect hardening of the sides or front of the nail (so-called dead spots), while shortening the drying time by 50% (nails dry even in 10 seconds!) .

The built-in motion sensor and detachable bottom base will definitely make the manicure or pedicure procedure easier. The mirrored underside reflects and diffuses light so products cure evenly. The lamp emits white light and does not fatigue the eyes, plus the energy-saving diodes make it draw much less electricity than other equivalents. The equipment has timer switches of 10, 30, 60, 99s  seconds.

  • 168W
  • The lamp has 42 diodes emitting UV LED light.
  • Low heat modes relieve you from pain when curing gels
  • Double light source (365+405nm) LEDs to cure UV Gels/Builder/LED Gels
  • Time setting: 30s, 60s, 90s, 120s
  • 50,000hrs lifetime
  • The lamp has  a motion sensor
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