Clip On Macro Phone Lens


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Our clip-on macro phone lens allows you to create professional photos without the added €€€ of a professional photographer!

✔ Set includes: 2-in-1 Lens (Wide Angle & Macro), Lens Clip, Carrying Pouch.

✔ Compatible with all single and dual-camera phones: iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy and Note, Google Pixel, and Huawei.

✔ Detachable soft rubber clip – leaves NO scratches on your phone!



  1. Remove the wide angle attachment from the lens.
  2. Clip the lens to your camera, ensuring the camera is positioned in the centre of it.
  3. Hold the phone very close to the lashes/ nails or other object , to ensure crisp and sharp pictures/videos. As you’re working in a super close up, it’s very important to hold very still to avoid blurry images. We recommend practising a few times to learn the best distance from the photographed object.
  4. Important: if you hold the phone too far away from the photographed object, the view will be blurry. Move the lens close to the subject until the image is crisp, and then zoom in on your camera for best results!

Please Note: This does work on iPhones with 3 cameras, however you may need to reposition the lens, depending on the camera which is being used at the time. Due to the length of the clips, this is unfortunately NOT compatible on phones with cameras in the centre of the back of the device, only those with a camera on the side.

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