E-Pedi Kit


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Our new “E-Pedi Kit” taking your pedicures to the next level.

NO blades, NO cutting it’s all about reducing and exfoliation!
Designed for each step of the way to remove and reduce hard skin and stubborn
calluses, reducing and improving fissures and cracks, to polish the foot to

Far more comfortable for you and your client too!

Kit Includes:

  • Silicon Polisher – Medium Grade, made of silicon, perfect for polishing skin, finishing and refining areas of the skin at the end of your treatment.
  • Diamond Cone (red) 040 , used for lifting cuticle, removing and reducing dead protein, concentrating on problem areas such as cracks and fissures.
  • Diamond Droplet Blue 050,used for exfoliating dead cells from the foot, reducing hard skin and calluses as well as problem areas.
  • Diamond Micro Barrel (red) 031,  used for removing the cuticle, reducing calluses and reducing fissures and cracks.


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