F.O.X Hard Gel BLUSH 15 ml


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HEMA free medium-viscosity gel for overlays and extensions

F.O.X Hard Gel Color — a collection of hard gels with a medium-liquid consistency, available in five subtle milky-pastel shades: Creamy, Blush, Mint, Blue, and Lemon. The gels level perfectly, are strong, and easy to file. They perfectly maintain the architecture of the nail both natural and extended. They are ideal for nail extensions in various techniques, as well as for nail strengthening. The products are compatible, and their sleek colors work well for shading, French fades, and baby boomer techniques.


  • Three-phase system
  • Hard and strong
  • Medium-liquid consistency
  • Self-leveling
  • Low polymerization temperature and stability
  • Coverage at 80-100%
  • Salon-level extension
  • Have a sticky layer
  • Non-soluble
  • Compatible with other products
  • Recommendation:
    For better polymerization, it is recommended to apply on a base of Hard Gel Clear or Builder Gel One Step. Apply in 2 not thick layers. Maximum length of extended nails 1:1

*The Builder Gels and The Hard gels are only self-leveling
**Jelly gel perfectly holds a complex shape before curing
***Cover gel in medium and jelly-like consistency preserves the smile line

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