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F.O.X Nail Art Brush 001 “Liner”


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The length of this brush fibers is suitable for drawing ultra-thin lines, light lace patterns, and various elegant geometric shapes. Can be used with gel polishes and gel paints.


Material: synthetic, dense, elastic fibers.

Length: 7 mm.


The main difference between professional brushes and non-professional ones is the quality and stiffness of the bristles. The bristles of a professional brush are perfectly even, with a thin pointed tip, and no stray hairs. The brush does not splay or lose its shape.

Brush care:

  • Before starting work, remove any residual adhesive by lightly wiping the brush on a paper towel. This makes the brush more flexible and ready to use.
  • Clean the brushes from any residue of gel polish, gel paint, gel, or acrylic gel using F.O.X Slip Solution.
  • It is best to store brushes in a brush holder or case. This is convenient, as all the brushes are in one place and it provides reliable protection against bending and exposure to ultraviolet rays.
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