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F.O.X Nail Art Brush 007 “Ombre”


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The ombre brush by F.O.X is an indispensable item in the arsenal of every manicure passionate, enabling precise shading, blending and creating smooth color gradients. Thanks to specially designed fibers of two different lengths, our brush excels at blending colors, eliminating visible lines and providing striking transitions between them. Offering unparalleled control and precision, the brush allows you to experiment with different techniques, enabling you to express your creativity in an unlimited way.

Material: synthetic, dense, elastic fibers.

Length: 15 mm. Width: 6 mm.


The main difference between professional brushes and non-professional ones is the quality and stiffness of the bristles. The bristles of a professional brush are perfectly even, with a thin pointed tip, and no stray hairs. The brush does not splay or lose its shape.

Brush care:

  • Before starting work, remove any residual adhesive by lightly wiping the brush on a paper towel. This makes the brush more flexible and ready to use.
  • Clean the brushes from any residue of gel polish, gel paint, gel, or acrylic gel using F.O.X Slip Solution.
  • It is best to store brushes in a brush holder or case. This is convenient, as all the brushes are in one place and it provides reliable protection against bending and exposure to ultraviolet rays.
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