F.O.X Sparkle 003 7ml


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F.O.X Sparkle hybrid nail polishes are a perfect blend of subtlety and color intensity. Each shade in the collection exudes a unique brilliance with a light-reflecting effect. The “Flash” effect in this collection is not just subtle flashes but a truly intense and dynamic light reflection that captures attention and adds extraordinary depth to the nails.

These subtle yet saturated colors are an excellent choice not only for everyday wear but also for festive occasions or special events. Each color in the Sparkle collection is like a little star on your nails, radiating a delicate, sparkling glow. Additionally, the application of these medium-consistency nail polishes is easy, allowing for precise application and achieving an even effect.

Add sparks of magic to your style with the Sparkle collection and shine during the most beautiful time of the year.

*To enhance the effect, it is recommended to apply F.O.X Sparkle on a nail covered with a colored layer.


  • Magical reflective effect
  • Balanced consistency
  • Dazzling shine in both artificial and natural light
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