Infa-Lab Liquid Styptic (Stops Bleeding) 15ml


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Stop bleeding liquid styptic skin protector.  Stops bleeding of minor cuts /scrapes and sanitizes.

Accidents happen, so it’s great to be prepared if they do. This liquid Styptic will be your go-to to stop bleeding quickly and keep things sanitary.

Works great and is safe to use on cuts or burns.

Formulated with antiseptic so you can keep things sanitary after an accident.

Excellent for quickly stopping bleeding from cuts or nicks.

Perfect to have at every workstation for those “just-in-case” moments.

Apply one drop to cut to contract the capillaries and stop the bleeding fast while also sanitizing the wound.

  • Antiseptic and Sanitizer
  • Quickly stops the flow of blood in minor wounds
  • Sanitizes to prevent infection
  • Only takes a drop
  • Great for manicures and shaving nicks
  • Amazing for salons or to use at home!


WARNING: This product is intended exclusively for professional use. Keep out of reach of children.