JoLash PRIMER 15ml


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Primer is designed to increase the bonding strength between the adhesive and the natural eyelash. Thanks to the content of PVP(polymers) in the composition, it accelerates the process of curing of the adhesive on the natural eyelash, and also protects the hair scales from excessive opening.



  1. To protect the client from unpleasant irritation or pinching, remember the minimum amount of primer used. Use only micro brushes or velour applicators for this purpose. Additionally, make sure that the amount of liquid is adequate and drain the excess on a handkerchief or paper towel.
  2. Never use cotton sticks (so called ear sticks) to apply the primer. Their residues, i.e. microfibres, may cause a strong reaction with the glue and their residues on natural lashes may cause a slight smoke and exothermic reaction.
  3. Make sure that the primer never comes into contact with the client’s skin. Always clean the eyelashes above eye flakes.