F.O.X Metal painting gel 001 (silver)


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F.O.X Gel Paint Metal 001 is a metallic paint for Nail Art decorations, renowned for its intense pigmentation. It allows you to create intricate details and thin lines. It has excellent colour saturation and extraordinary sparkle of particles with a liquid metal effect. Its optimal consistency prevents spills, allowing for the creation of intricate details and delicate lines.

Shades: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold


  • Highly pigmented
  • Perfect for creating intricate details
  • Liquid metal effect


1. After curing the selected hybrid polish, apply a thin layer of chosen F.O.X Top coat over the entire nail surface, then cure.

2. Create any design with F.O.X Gel Paint Metal 003. Cure under the 36W UV lamp – 3 min; 48W LED/UV lamp – 90 s.

3. Cover the design with F.O.X Top coat with a sticky layer and cure.

4. Then cover the entire nail plate with chosen F.O.X Top Coat and cure.

5. Apply the F.O.X Cuticle Oil

Remove the styling using Gel Remover, a nail drill or a file.

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