PODODISC + 50psc of disposable files SIZE S 15mm

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PODODISC + 50 psc of disposable files (20psc. 80gr + 20psc. 150 gr. + 10psc. 240 gr. )

SIZE S 15mm  25 000 -28 000 RPM


Using Pododisc has advantages as for a technician and a client.

✔ Allow you to increase the speed of the pedicure. In comparison with a foot file, the pedicure disc is much easier and more comfortable to work with. The disc allows you to increase the speed of the technician at least two times

✔ The multipurpose of the tool, the pedicure disc is a universal tool that allows you to solve many different tasks: removing dead skin, opening cracks, removing gel polish and not only.

✔ It improves the quality of the pedicure due to the particular trajectory of movement, the disc qualitatively removes dead skin, without leaving even the slightest flakes.

✔ Using disposable removable files minimizes the risk of infection

✔ Made of high quality medical stainless steel.

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