Semilac 335 Golden Girl


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Characteristic: With Golden Girl, our new colour in a cold golden shade, the WOW effect is at your fingertips. With this shade, you will feel subtle and at the same time stunning – just what you like the most. Golden and yet modest!

Shade – Gold

Collection – Magnetic Glow Cat Eye

Size – 7ml

The MAGNETIC GLOW Cat Eye collection is more than just the cat-eye effect. Play with a magnet to get a three-dimensional colour depth. How? Right after you apply the nail polish and before you cure it, grab a magnet and make a swinging motion on each side of the nail. The particles will spread evenly all over the nail plate, creating a shiny surface. You can combine it with a classic colour palette and treat it as an addition to your look but you can also use it to create a uniform manicure.

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