F.O.X Shine Gel ROSE 15ml


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F.O.X Shine GeI Rose is a liquid gel of the three-phase system for strengthening nails, has a gentle camouflaging milk shade with fine shimmer.

The material does not require sawing. Due to the low level of acidity, there is absolutely safe for the nail plate. Suitable for thin and sensitive nails.

Shine GeI has medium viscosity. Perfectly aligns and strengthens both short and long nails. Not deforms during wear, retains a perfect shine until correction.

It is recommended to make a substrate for better adhesion to the nail plate a thin layer of Base Rubber or Base Power elastic base.


1. Buff the nail.

2. Degrease the nail with Nano Dehydrator Nail Prep.

3. Apply Ultrabond non-acid primer.

4. Apply the first layer of elastic base: F.O.X Base Rubber or F.O.X Base Power.

5. Cure in a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes, UV36/48W LED lamp for 60 seconds.

6. Apply Shine GeI in a thin layer, spreading it over the entire nail plate.

7. Cure in a UV lamp 36W – 2 min. LED/UV lamps 36/48W 30-60 sec.

8. Apply any F.O.X color gel or F.O.X Top.

9. Cure in a 36W UV lamp – 2 min., LED/UV lamp 36/48W 60 sec.

Additional recommendations: If the client wants to leave the nails without a color gel coating varnish, after drying the Shine GeI, a top coat should be applied.

If you wish cover with gel varnishes, or make a design, for a better and clean result lines, we recommend removing the dispersion layer first.

Remove with the use of a nail drill or a file.

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