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400 RUSTY RED – On a fall day, you can admire the soothing colour of the setting sun, which is associated with pleasant evenings with a cup of your favourite tea. The wonderful mood is perfectly reflected by the Rusty Red colour – a copper, warm shade.

401 RASPBERRY WINE – On some lazy fall days, when the rain is falling quietly outside, all you need to make
you happy is a book, a warm blanket and a fireplace by which you can calmly spend a fall evening, looking at the shade of flames reflected by the deep colour of Raspberry Wine.

402 SPICY PUMPKIN – What would you say for a pumpkin pie on a warm fall afternoon that you can spend
with your friends in your backyard? Imagine the amazing aroma and flavour of pie,
a mixture of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, accompanied by your friends’
laugh and shared memories! Spicy pumpkin is the most vivid colour in this collection and you just can’t go without it in a moment like this!

403 CHOCOLATE BROWNIE – It is good to be active regardless of the season! Especially in fall, when you’d ratherspend time with a book in your hand and in a reflective mood. Sometimes you wantto have more energy and grab something sweet, for example a piece of a delicious chocolate cake. And then… the magic happens! You have energy and enthusiasm and feel like going for a walk in the rain! Take your friends for a walk and don’t forget about Chocolate Brownie – in your backpack and on your nails!

404 BLACK BEANS MUFFIN – The smell of freshly baked muffins has nice connotations with fall and lifts your spirits.
You don’t have to feel guilty when you eat something sweet. Why don’t you try out the recipe for black beans muffins and enjoy their flavour and smell surrounded by golden fall? This dark shade of wine will also look delicious on your nails!

405 BOTTLED HERBS – Candlelit bath and a soothing smell of nature? Aromatherapy is the perfect complement to a beauty routine that surrounds you with the smell of herbs while
your tanned hands show off a glowing teal and bottle green colour, whose depth
is one of the top shades of this fall!

406 BLUE TEA – After an eventful day, when a long walk in a fresh-smelling forest is drawing to a close, you could use a sip of delicious herbal Blue Tea at the comfort of your home.
Its vivid colour and the ritual of preparing it inspired us to include this deep and classic teal colour in our collection.