F.O.X Topas FLASH 7ml (reflective)


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F.O.X Top Flash is a light-reflecting transparent top coat without a sticky layer.

The top coat contains a large amount of fine silver particles that create an incredible shine under certain lighting conditions. This top coat can be applied over gel polish or camouflage base, allowing you to create a light-reflecting effect with any shade. The intensity of the shine depends on the angle of light and the power of the light source.

The material has a liquid consistency, it is strong, and helps prevent chips and scratches on the coating caused by mechanical damage. It can be used as a standalone top coat or layered with other topcoats.


  • Contains a large amount of fine silver particles.
  • No sticky layer.
  • Suitable for application over a base or gel polish.
  • Creates a smooth surface after drying.
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