CALLUX Regenerating Ointment for cracked heels


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Callux SOS OINTMENT – Regenerating Ointment for cracked heels 40gr. This is product is certified vegan. A unique foot care ointment from the Home Care line. It contains active ingredients that quickly and effectively deal with cracked and dry heels. Well-oiled and nourished skin becomes soft and elastic. Regular use prevents feet from drying out preventing problems with heel cracking.


  • Strengthens the lipid barrier and intensively moisturizes.
  • Regenerates, smooths the epidermis and accelerates repair process.
  • Extend the effect of the professional pedicure.
  • When used daily has a softening effect on callouses.
  • Additional actives added to help sooth inflammation.


Recommended use: This product is recommended to be retailed to your client to use in between her professional pedicure treatments to support and maintain the treatment effects. Massage an appropriate amount of the preparation into the skin during home care.


Precautions: For external use only, avoid contact with eyes, keep out of reach of children, read the directions for use carefully. 

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