F.O.X Color Ink 5ml


F.O.X Color Ink 008 is a polymer-based color ink for creating watercolor designs.

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With this product you can easily create designs without additional drawing skills, and complex designs with it take on a unique look. The material has a liquid consistency, dense pigment and intense shades. The colors can be easily mixed together to create a variety of color palettes.


1. Prepare the surface of the nail with a buff

2. Apply F.O.X’s Ultrabond, an acid-free primer for extra adhesion.

3. Cover the nail plate with one layer of any gel polish by F.O.X.
Cure in a 36/48W LED lamp – 120/60 sec. If necessary, apply a second layer.

4. Remove the sticky layer with F.O.X Cleanser

5. Use the F.O.X art-paint Brush to apply Color Ink to the gel coat following the chosen design.
Allow to air dry for 5-30 seconds.

6. When the Color Ink is dry cover with any F.O.X Top coat
Cure in LED/UV lamp 36/48W – 120/60 sec.

Remove with F.O.X Gel Remover or by filing


BLUE 001, RED 002, PINK 003, YELLOW 004, GREEN 005, BLACK 006, WHITE 007, SILVER 008, GOLDEN 009, BRONZE 010

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