F.O.X Ultrabond 14ml


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F.O.X Ultrabond non-acid is an acid-free primer that promotes better adhesion of artificial material to the natural plate, preventing delamination.


  1. Ease of application.
  2. Suitable for use on problematic, thin nails prone to delamination.
  3. Facilitates the application of coatings.


1. Open the bottle and remove any excess liquid from the brush by wiping it on the edge of the bottle or by using a lint-free wipe if necessary.

2. Apply the product in stripes, evenly from the cuticle to the free edge. Make sure not to apply too much product, but ensure that the entire nail is fully covered.

3. Avoid getting the product on the sidewalls of the nails.

4. After applying, allow the coating to dry completely (30 seconds). Only after that, you can apply the base coat.

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