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Professional LED UV 24 / 48W lamp, created for nail stylists. The device with dual led technology combines two types of light, so it perfectly cures all Semilac gels.

This unique lamp has a double power mode that allows you to increase the light power yourself. Basically, the device is set to 48W. To switch power from 48W to 24W, just press the ON / OFF button for 2 seconds. The UV LED 24 / 48W lamp has up to 3 curing modes: 5 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds, thus increasing the efficiency of your work.

This lamp is equipped with 30 energy-saving LEDs and a motion sensor that automatically starts the lamp when you put your hand in it. Its ergonomic shape allows you to place your entire hand in the middle and instantly harden individual layers of products applied on the nail plate.

The detachable bottom makes cleaning and pedicure easier, and the high-quality fan ensures optimal cooling.

The product is dedicated to both professional use and to perform manicures and pedicures yourself. No more embarrassing bulb replacement.

By choosing this Semilac LED lamp you can enjoy its lifetime up to 30,000 hours. Double power mode, which allows you to independently increase the power of light,

Dual led technology – a combination of LED and UV light (365 nm + 405 nm) cures all  gels,

  • 3 curing modes: 5 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds, motion sensor – a sensor that activates the lamp after placing your hand, along with an automatic switch,
  • 30 energy-saving LEDs, Fan for optimal cooling, Detachable bottom that facilitates cleaning and performing pedicures,
  • Lifetime up to 30,000 hours,
  • Lamp dimensions – length: 15 cm, width: 19 cm, height: 8.5 cm,
  • Ergonomic shape,
  • No need to change bulbs, 12 months warranty.
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