CLAVIER Portable Electric Drill 30W


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CLAVIER Portable Electric Drill 30W

An absolute HIT!

Our beautiful, lightweight and compact E-File has:

– Very high torque for light touch, low vibration, tension free and smooth removal

– Charging time 2-3 hours,

– Up to 10 hours of battery life from just one charge

– Convenient LCD screen for speed precision and remaining battery life

– Up to 35,000 RPM, with adjustable speeds

– Simple one click change between forward and reverse directions

– Universal USB charging port

Milling machine dimensions: 215 x 161 x 51mm

❗ There should always be a cutter or replacement bit in the handle . If you leave the handle without a cutter, you must use force to release the lock to the R position or the open padlock icon. The first release of  the handle lock may require force, after some time the handle will work easier.


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