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It cure all hybrid varnishes, acrylic gels, gels and other products requiring UV / LED light curing.

3 curing modes – 30, 60, 99 seconds. Which allows you to do all gel manicure.

Digital display – counting down the time.

Low heat mode – the lamp gradually increases power, thanks to which it minimizes the risk of burning and wrinkling.

Dual led technology that combines two types of light together so that the lamp reliably, quickly and evenly cures all products.

Motion sensor – the lamp automatically starts when you insert your hand.

The shape of the bridge and size make it easy to insert your entire hand into the lamp and are great for pedicures.

21 LEDs. High performance: 50,000 working hours. No need to change bulbs.

24 months warranty.

Lamp power indicator informs about the total rated power of LEDs emitting UV radiation.

Lamp with Type C electrical plug (Europlug), UK adapter included.

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